March 02, 2023

Lots of things altered during and since ‘Lock-down’. One of which is salon based treatments. At dipt we had to diversify and adapt to deliver what our customers were asking for. 
“I can’t go to the salon, yet still want to have my nails done”. Dipt to the rescue !
We launched our affordable collections which we change seasonally. All of our orders include a step-by-step guide, plus we have tutorial videos and Q&A’s on our website  
We decided to keep the collections in our line due to the great feed back and success that we have had.

Here are our most recent collections –



Some of the many benefits of dipt is that we are British, Vegan and Cruelty-free. We have seen that these matter more and more since we first launched. We are a London based company of women creating for all and supporting British chemistry.

Some people have to try different systems as one does not suit all. There are a number of factors that could contribute to this – allergies, medication, illness and hormones are a few. All of which can change from time to time. Having dipt in your armour has proven to be invaluable for lots of people.

Another major benefit of dipt is that it is an easy 4 step, soak-off system. Comprising of brush on liquid products and a finely milled powder, making for a really quick, easy and clean application. Other than files, you are basically set. Of course, we have a selection of these to perfect your nails.  

No need to purchase extra equipment such as a lamp to cure. Our brush on activator sets and air dries in 2 minutes. What could be easier ? 

You can create a set of durable nails with a high gloss shine at a minimal cost.
Dipt Nails has shimmers, matts, glitters, neons, brights and neutrals. Included in the range is a French collection. We even have a dipping tray for the purpose of making the perfect French application. Really, our job is to make having great nails as easy as possible.

There are 60 colours, all of which can be mixed to create your own shades, making the options endless. We have a clear powder, Purity, for those that prefer a natural look. Nail techs can also create nail extensions with it, as with any coloured powder using a tip and overlay.

So we quite literally have you all covered !

Apart from our website we are mostly active on Instagram @diptnails, this is where you will find all of our news, giveaways and new collection launches. Follow us to keep up with all things dipt…






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