The product

Dipt™ is a brand-new nail system which offers lasting, vibrant nail colour in a wide range of shades and finishes so that your clients can enjoy beautifully coloured, protected nails every single day. Dipt™ is designed for women who wish to achieve semi-permanent nail colour in a way that causes the least amount of damage to the natural nail.  Clear, French or coloured powders can also be used over tips.

Dipt™ consists of a very finely milled acrylic powder and premium grade resin. The ingredients are of the highest quality, are vegan and eco-friendly, making it a unique selling point and a more attractive option for those who do not wish to compromise their beliefs and ethics in the name of Beauty.

Using dipt™

You can download the Step-by- Step Instructions Here or read and watch tutorials on our How to Dipt™ page.

A full set takes around 30 to 40 minutes to apply. Drying time is around 2 minutes!

Dipt™ is extremely long lasting. However, we recommend removal after approximately 2 weeks to maintain that perfect look.

Dipt™ is a Soak-Off-System™ using minimal filing, making this a more caring process for your client’s nails. The soak-off process takes around 15 minutes. Watch our easy removal video on the How to Dipt™ page.

The cost per set of dipt™ nails is approximately £1.80. Order your perfect colour combinations today from our shop.


Dipt™ training is designed to convert existing nail technicians and educate them in the dipt™ technique.

Dipt™ is set to change the way we think about long-lasting nail colour. With a whole range of reasons to choose this kinder, safer, faster and effective system, there’s no time like the present to join our family of dipt™ fanatics. We know that both you and your clients will absolutely love the results!

Contact us at hello@diptnails.com to arrange a meeting with one of our dipt™ representatives and take the first step to becoming one of the first beauty businesses in the UK to pioneer the dipt™ system!

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