April 26, 2021

Yes, at last we can return to work! Learning and adapting to what that now entails. Keeping your staff, clients and self safe is paramount. 

One of the key areas of a salon is the reception, a hub of activity, meeting and greeting, bookings, enquiries, hospitality which would usually include drinks and reading material. We can only offer hot and cold drinks in a disposable cup. The client can only remove their mask when consuming a drink and in a socially distanced environment (2 metres when masks are removed or 1 metre with mitigating circumstances). Clients must be discourage to arrive both early and late, if space does not allow,  a one in one out routine should be implemented. Businesses are urged not to provide magazines etc. Music should only be played at a low volume and raised voices and singing is not permitted to minimise the risk of aerosol production. 

The reception area as we knew it has changed so much. Especially with the rise in on-line bookings and cashless payments. The decline due to the pandemic will change the landscape of many salons.


On arrival the client should be wearing a mask. Firstly hand sanitisation should take place and then their temperature taken. A Covid questionnaire should be completed along with customer details for the NHS Test and Trace. Staff should also register details when working  to ensure any cases are reported.  

Signage for hand washing and sanitising should be displayed. Markings on the floor for safe  distancing and where relevant a one-way system. 

Ventilation is also important. The use of fans, open windows and doors are required. Using screens or barriers between clients and at reception should be adhered to. Gloves should be worn where possible to minimise skin contact.

Free testing kits are now available for business owners to test themselves and staff on a regular basis even without symptoms. This combined with the massive vaccine roll-out has given hope to many that we can look forward after a year of unprecedented change.


Always check with your local authority for details.

For more up to date information, visit the government website 



Financial hardship and job uncertainty has caused 1000’s of budding entrepreneurs to start their own businesses according to new research.

Almost 500 new hairdressers and beauty salons were created by Britons on furlough. More than 1,100 new companies registered due to the addition of redundancy, using the pandemic as the push they needed to become self-employed or a business owner. 


The amount of people turning ‘side-hustle’ into a business has grow rapidly over the past year. People who may have enjoyed doing there own nails and those of family and friends have decided to make this their main source of income. Re-training and learning a new skill has boomed – “Necessity, the Mother of invention “


Dipt Nails has recognised this trend, especially as we are a  4 step dipping system that is easy to apply and remove. Being Vegan is also appealing to many, along with minimum odour.Ticking many boxes for a successful business.

Dipt has decided to keep our affordable dipping powder kits going. Our current one – KEEPING THE FAITH will be moved over to make room for BACK TO BUSINESS, launching on 1st May 2021.

Dipt BACK TO BUSINESS dipping powder kit consists of LONDON, a bright pink neon acrylic powder, SPIRIT, a coral pink acrylic powder and HOPE, a pastel lilac acrylic powder, all four liquids and a Flamingo finish in file. Everything you need to create a set of dipt nails. These kits are £40 including VAT which means a set of dipt nails is only £1.60 !


Visit our website for more dipping powder kits and other products in the range




Love dipt x

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