September 04, 2020

In many ways we should look at this new era as a positive, fresh start. The majority of professional nail techs practice strict hygiene, Health & Safety plus good codes of practice. This time will highlight those that do not and will not be allowed to open. Clients will most likely be much more conscious about the salons that they visit and spend their hard earned cash. High standards, hygiene and good working practices should come out on top every time.

Don’t be afraid to increase prices due to the extra costs of PPE and making your business COVID safe. Discuss this with your clients in advance. Most of them, if not all will be happy to pay the extra to feel safe in the knowledge that you are abiding by the new guidelines to provide a safe environment and treatment. Creating an experience that your clients feel comfortable to return to on a regular basis

Be pro-active in keeping up to date with changes to the guidelines. These can be amended at anytime due to scientific advice as they learn more about COVID-19. 

Phone consultations should be carried out prior to booking an appointment.  This will include asking health questions regarding COVID-19. Trace and Track should be handled in accordance with GDPR and kept for 21 days. 

Clearly explain all new procedures and rules. Stress the importance of social distancing, contactless payments, attending alone with minimal belongings.

Techs are required to wear a Type 2 surgical mask and visor along with gloves and a clean uniform daily, clients just a face mask. Risk assessments need to be carried out in consultation with all staff and displayed prominently in the salon and on-line for clients. Failure to do so will be a breach of The Health & Safety Law.

Use disposable items where possible, e.g. paper towels and allow time to fully sanitise between clients.

wash your hands salon cleaning nail tech hygiene

For regular clients decant one or two of there favourite dipt colours just for their use. Encourage them to create there own colour by mixing powders and naming it. Keep it labelled just for their use. This is a great USP for your business !  Keep files labelled in a sealable bag for each client.

We expect that this document will be updated over time. This version is up to date as of 13 August 2020. You can check for updates at

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