December 26, 2019

‘Christmas box’ is a British term used for Christmas present. Boxing Day was originally a day off for servants when they received a box from their ‘masters’ in thanks for a good service throughout the year. They would go home and give the boxes to their families. Often it could be left over food from Christmas Day.

A holiday which is celebrated the day after Christmas Day and is referenced back to the 17th Century in the U.K and other countries that were previously part of the British Empire. In some European countries the 26th December is celebrated as a second Christmas Day! It is also Saint Stephen’s Day, a religious holiday.

Boxing Day has been a Bank Holiday since 1871 and has become known as a shopping day. Much like Black Friday, when retailers offer dramatic price reductions. Often the day of the year with the greatest revenue for retailers in the UK. It is also an important day for sporting events such as Football and Horse Racing.

Traditionally it is a day to relax after the Christmas festivities and spend time with family and friends, or not! For many Boxing Day means LEFTOVERS!

You may only feel like staying at home, admiring your Christmas nails and planning your outfit for New Years Eve. Safe in the knowledge that if your were dipt for Christmas your nails will see you through to next year…

So, however you choose to spend Thursday 26th DEC 2019, ENJOY!

Team dipt