December 09, 2019

Christmas trees can be dated back to Roman times. The first evergreen trees to be decorated as we know them today were introduced into Britain in the 1800’s by German royalty.

Queen Victoria’s marriage to Prince Albert made the custom more widespread. Although she was brought up with them in the Palace, Albert being German was used to them being a popular tradition. Initially, after royalty it was the wealthier middle-class families who adopted the tradition.

By the 1920’s the trend of having a decorated tree at Christmas became widespread within all classes.

Whilst the first Christmas trees were linked to religion, today their popularity is far and wide and is part of celebrations with or without religious connotations.

With the invention of electricity, candles were replaced with lights. Most worldwide, large cities, have an event of switching on the Christmas lights and tree. London in particular has stunning displays throughout the City. Usually the first to be switched on is Oxford Street.

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