October 21, 2021

Here at team dipt we like to try and stay positive and spread a little joy and happiness. So much so that we even have a vibrant, orange powder called ‘HAPPINESS’ !

We have incorporated it into our limited edition collection – LIVING LIFE, only £40. This includes :-

  • HAPPINESS a bold, vibrant orange powder
  • LIMITLESS a perfect yellow powder
  • SISTERS a subtle shimmer, pale pink powder. Our best seller, use alone, over or mix with any colour.
  • All four liquids
  • Flamingo finishing file

Everything you need to create a set of dipt nails for £1.80

We like to follow ‘happy news’ and find things to make us smile and laugh. Take a look at one of the sites we follow.

There have been many reasons of late for most of us to feel like we need a boost of happiness. Here are some science-backed ways in which you can do this.

Drink coffee [not too much!]. Coffee is a nervous system stimulate that boosts alertness and improves mood.

Spending time outside, especially walking amongst trees has proven to lower cortisol levels, a hormone marker for stress, lowering the heart rate. Go the whole way and hug a tree for 15 mins to get maximum results.

Working out, as we know exercise is well known to increase the feel-good chemicals in the brain and reduce stress hormones. Just 20 minutes can provide the benefits for up to 12 hours afterwards.

Set goals you know are achievable and feel the satisfaction of achieving them. Journal your feelings, this has been proven to show calmness in the part of the brain responsible for dampening strong emotional feelings.

Volunteering has been found to boost psychological health. One of the main ways to care for yourself is to care for other too.

Smile more, but no fakes. It has to be a sincere smile. Those who smile as a result of positive thoughts actually have a better mood. So, smile like you mean it.

Make time for friends. According to a recent survey this can promote greater happiness than spending time with family. Perhaps we won’t tell them that !

You could also try the Happify-games app. There is a free version which provides games and tasks. It can also track your happiness. Who knew !

You can find lots more here:

We hope you all find a little extra happiness in your lives.

Love dipt X

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