March 04, 2021

Never before and hopefully never again will we encounter the effect of the pandemic which has dominated the last 12 months.

Most of us are yearning to get back to some form of ‘normality’ with family, friends, work etc.

The nail industry has had a tough time. A predominantly female industry that has suffered greatly.

Hellen ward and a group of salon owners have launched a campaign called ‘Save Our Salons’. Directed at the government to reduce the VAT rate for the personal care industry. Calling for a reduction from 20% to 5%. has been created for our businesses and the people who work in them to get involved, in the hope that we collectively will be heard. The website provides the information and tools to register.


For all of the negatives of COVID-19 we can take away positives moving forward post Pandemic. Whether it be discovering your neighbours and having time to chat and help each other or developing a routine of walking, cycling or other exercise. Reconnecting with people or spending more quality time with loved ones. Even if it doesn’t always feel that way !


Hopefully we will come out the other side a more caring and thoughtful bunch. Knowing that if you have a ‘wobble’ that you are not alone. Who wouldn’t find this time challenging ?

The most important thing is to look to the future. One without the confines of Lockdown. One that, with caution, we can gain back a new ‘normality’.


With the government’s ‘Road Map’ to ease our way out of Lockdown we can begin to see light at the end of the tunnel. If all goes to plan this will see salons and all personal care re-open on April 12th. SAVE THE DATE !


Throughout the past year Dipt has continuously tried to make life a little easier for our clients with many discounts and free shipping. We have launched a series of collections at an exceptionally reduced cost. Our most recent being launched on March 1st – KEEPING THE FAITH COLLECTION, which consists of on-trend S/S 2021 shades including Pantone’s 2021 shades of grey and yellow.




With the easing of Lockdown comes Spring, a time of re-birth. Better weather will undoubtedly help. The clocks go forward on March 28th bringing longer, brighter days heading into Summer. We can look forward to seeing our friends and family more freely. Socialising and returning to work will be key factors for many.

Lots of salon clients consider appointments to be part of their social life. The nature of the industry provides a sociable environment that has been sorely missed

The re-opening of the industry should be a celebration. Spring/Summer shades will be prevalent. Bright colours, fun nail art, a party on the nails ! Predicted trends will be  shorter square or squoval shapes, easily maintainable. Bright and bold colours of oranges and pinks, being playful with a different colour on each nail. Pastels of blue, pink and lilac. Also the on-trend yellows and greys.

Dipt recommends :


PINKS          -      FAITH & QUEEN

dipt faith pink dip powder


GREYS         -      RESPECT & MARIE







Team dipt x

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