June 22, 2021

What nail trends will we be wearing in summer 2021 ?

Having spent so long without nail services, keeping nails short and manageable was the best most of us could do. This trend will dictate how we emerge from lockdown. Shorter square, almond, soft oval and squoval will rule the day. Eventually leading to a longer length once we get used to them again. Although, there will be those who have gotten used to the ease of typing and not hitting the wrong keys !

Colours will vary from vibrant oranges, pinks and yellows to pastels and nudes. The 70’s are an inspiration in fashion right now and will follow through to nails. Some floral or swirls of colour adding an extra dimension.

Again, some will hit the ground running and go straight for the bold and bright. Whilst others will dip their toe in gently to begin with.

Really, anything goes as we are just so happy to visit our favourite salons.

Dipt’s new Summer collection will be LIVING LIFE,  for just £40. This will include –

HAPPINESS, a vibrant, neon orange powder

LIMITLESS, a soft summer yellow powder

SISTERS, a subtle shimmer of pale cream powder.

dipt living life collection orange yellow and sparkly pink dip powder

Sisters is our most popular shade as it is so versatile. Mix it into any colour, add it as a final layer for a subtle shimmer boost, over a French manicure or simply worn alone.

All four liquids and a Flamingo Finishing File.

Everything required to complete a set of dipt nails for £1.60

So what are you waiting for. Start living your best life with great nails!

Dipt Living Life Collection will be for a very limited period due to the popularity of the shades, {only available in July} make sure you don’t miss out ! 


Love dipt x

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