March 13, 2020

Scratch catches up with nail tech Mandy Kelly to find out why her clients love Dipt nail products…

Mandy Kelly, owner of Mandy Kelly Beauty in Durham, initially heard about Dipt from a distributor who supplied her a nail system for several years until it was discontinued.

“They offered me the Dipt system to try. What attracted me to Dipt was that it offers both colour and strength in one easy application. It takes approximately 30-40 minutes to apply it to my clients’ nails. I love that Dipt offers a range of fabulous colours, which are quick and easy to apply with flawless results.

“A few of my favourite shades include Forgiveness, Incredible Spirit, Love Queen, Audrey and Twin. I love creating a French Polish finish with the shade Sisters as well as a French ombré.”

Mandy explains that Dipt is kind to nails as it helps to preserve the natural nail health. “This soak-off system requires minimal filing, therefore is better for the environment as well as being cruelty free and vegan,” she says. “All of my clients are now choosing Dipt. I think this is because both the application and removal are so much quicker than any other systems I have used.

“Additionally, Dipt suits 100% of my clients as they are getting long lasting fabulous colour without any chipping or lifting. Dipt has been a great option, both myself and my clients are thrilled with the results!”

By Zoe Wickens. Originally published in Scratch Magazine.