April 23, 2020

We humans are creatures of habit. In this trying time we are told no more so than now that routine is important. Establish and keep to one as best you can. Yes, sometimes easier said than done! For most of us our daily schedules are dictated by someone else, be it work, school etc.

Try to emulate your old routine as closely as possible – work, play, exercise, whatever that may be. Make weekends different and something extra to look forward to. Yes, our social activities may now be over Zoom, Houseparty, FaceTime etc but just as important to stave off ‘Lockdown Loco’!

Eating healthier than normal and keeping a sleep and meal pattern helps our bodies to keep stress hormones balanced and able to fight infection better. Create a timetable - whether you are alone or with others it will help you to stay focused. KIDADL have timetables plus much more for children to download, or a blank one to fill for anyone.

Limit the amount of news you consume, stay informed yet not overloaded. Concentrate on the positives. Imagine how much worse it would be if we were in the depths of Winter for example. Get out and take advantage of our allocated outdoor time. Fill up on VIT D, the sunshine vitamin which also supports our immune system. Don’t forget safe sun though. Being healthy physically helps us to remain healthy mentally also.

We are witnessing many acts of kindness to one another but we must be kind to ourselves too. We will be angry, frustrated, bored, lonely, sad, fearful. These are all natural emotions, allow yourself time out if that’s what you need. A day in your PJ’s, eating rubbish food and binging box sets is OK, just not every day!

Focus on what you have got and not what we are being denied at this time. Don’t fight what you cannot control. Try mindfulness/meditation to bring you back to a calm and peaceful place.

CALM is a relaxation app and website that is offering 12 months free subscription, only available to Apple users at the moment but they are working on an Android version too.

This time could be used to learn a new skill or language. What jobs have you been putting off around the house or garden. That old chestnut “I don’t have time” doesn’t really hold any weight now!

Let Google be your friend to search for pretty much anything you can think of.

FutureLearn have a list of 50, yes 50 FREE things to do during lockdown, plus much more.