August 12, 2021

 So this is what “Freedom” looks like !

The same but different in many ways. Cautious, yet so ready to be carefree. The successful vaccination program has given us back a lot of our liberties. Let’s enjoy what we can…


Do we go abroad or not ? We have encountered disappointment with cancellations etc. with holidays, weddings and visiting family.


Yes, the British weather can be unpredictable but there are so many great places to visit in the UK. So for lots of us a UK holiday is the way to go. 

Stirling Castle


Here at dipt we have visited Scotland and Dorset. Each being such a fabulous holiday. We would return to both .

Durdle Door

Supply and demand has seen a rise in price for accommodation, if that’s not an issue and you can find availability - ENJOY !


For others, why not think out of the box. Try a city break that you would never usually think of. If it is not a usual hotspot, both the price and availability should be better. At the same time providing a lifeline economically to the area.


Check out trip advisor, for recommendations and reviews or alternative UK city breaks


Here's our pick of the 8 best alternative UK city breaks, covering England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

  • Belfast, Northern Ireland. ... 
  • St Davids, Wales. ... 
  • Canterbury, England. ... 
  • Stirling, Scotland. ... 
  • Sheffield, England. ... 
  • Durham, England. ... 
  • Derby, England. ... 
  • Lincoln, England.


Hopefully, fingers crossed, the UK should be basking in good weather in the second half of August. So what are you waiting for !


If you prefer to stay at home and do things, try Treasure Trails for an adventure in your area. These are great for all the family, outdoors and to your own timetable.


Good old Google will throw up endless options for outdoor activities, from cycling to zoos, wine tasting to pop-up restaurants.


One good hangover from the Pandemic is that we have used so much outdoor space which will become a regular fixture. Cafes, coffee shops and farms shops have expanded their outdoor areas which when the weather is dry is so much nicer. An outdoor lifestyle is something we have lagged behind on in the UK.



The next dipt collection will be  SPREAD YOUR WINGS

This will include :

FREEDOM   - a pastel blue powder

DREAM        - a vibrant pinky purple powder

HONOUR     - an airforce green/blue powder






Everything you need to create a perfect set of dipt nails for £1.60




If we choose to party or not, the option is there. Pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants have returned to normal. Well, apart from the ‘table for 2 hours only’ adage !

Rest assured you can do this all whilst rocking great nails…


Live and let live. Whatever our choice, we should be respectful and understanding of others and their choices.





Go spread your wings and enjoy life again !


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