April 09, 2020

Never before scenes outside of wartime of ‘lockdown London’.
Never before such a national and international threat to mankind.
Never before such mass uncertainty and anxiety.

Hopefully, never before such high levels of kindness, thoughtfulness and consideration and all round good-eggishness, (it is nearly Easter !) both for ourselves and others all over the world.

Keeping a sense of humour is paramount in these trying times. Luckily we have many ways to stay in touch with loved ones. A few to use are Face Time, Zoom, House Party and Skype. Probably more options will be borne out of new necessities. Tell us how you are interacting and the things that are making you smile.

An unexpected time to perhaps reset. Take stock and look to the future in a positive way. One thing we do know is that we WILL come out the other side. In no small way due to our NHS and other front line workers whom we applaud and thank unconditionally

Here at dipt we will be posting a series of blogs to keep up our interaction with you our dipt family. Feel free to connect we are still here to help in any way we can, or at least we will try. If we can’t, we may know a man who can !

Use your extra time to update your swatches or be creative and try the things you never normally have time to do. We will post them on our gallery. Some may even feature in Scratch Magazine. Great for building up your profile for when we are all good to go again.

Email us at hello@diptnails.com

Stay posted

Take care out there

Team dipt