October 28, 2019

Dipt™ was born out of a desire to bring next generation nail technology using British chemistry to the market, whilst being mindful of developing a kinder system. Being Vegan and cruelty free were important factors, along with being low-odour, minimal filing and a soak of system™. Dipt™ does not use any bonders, acids or primers. Optimum care for the natural nail during application and removal is paramount.

Karisma, the founder of Dipt nails, wanted to specialise in a specific product and not just bring something to the market as an add-on to other products. The idea that this product could be vegan and soak off… meaning less damage to the natural nail really was exciting. When at a business dinner in the U.S. a seed was planted. Whilst dipping systems were not new, she was interested to hear how they had become a very popular choice for semi-permanent nail colour. Karisma did her research and met with Chemists in the U.K. With the product taking shape she visited Olympia Beauty. It was here that Karisma met Mica who has had a career in the nail industry and education for over 20 years and she came on board as Business Manager. The dipt™ website was launched in September 2018, so we are looking forward to celebrating our first year!

Developed by women for women (and of course anyone who wants to join the dipt™ family!)

We understand the desire of time poor clients who wish to have a quick, durable and long-lasting colour nail treatment, one that could also allow clients to have longer nails due to the strength the system adds to the nails. Dipt ticks these boxes perfectly. Nail techs are also loving the small foot print that the system takes up. There are no specialised tools required to use the system. Whilst quality is key, so was a product that is cost effective.

  • 1oz powder produces 20-25 sets with a shelf life of 1 year opened and 2 years unopened.
  • Base resin produces approx 20 sets with a shelf life of 6 months opened and 1 year unopened.
  • Finish resin produces approx 25 sets with the same shelf life as the Base resin.
  • Activator produces approx 25 sets with a shelf life of 1 year opened and 18 months unopened.

Karisma wanted to name the colours after inspiring people, places, words and qualities. To inspire you when you pick your nail colour, hoping these words and names would spark a smile for everyone who gets dipt. Each of our finishes representing a category.

  • CREAMS – inspirational words and qualities
  • GLITTERS – Inspirational people to Karisma
  • SHIMMERS – inspirational people and figureheads
  • NEONS – Karisma’s favourite destinations

Here at dipt we love to play! Mixing new colours to create bespoke shades or new ombré combinations. Our 60 colours can be mixed by you to create 100’s more. Our massively popular Sisters is a subtle, nude shimmer that is great for applying over other shades or mixing into any powder to bring another dimension. We strive to keep developing and improving products. Reacting to feedback from our users.