March 26, 2021

At the United Nations Conference in San Francisco, a motion to create a new and independent organisation dedicated to discuss health topics was passed in 1945.

World Health Day is recognised on the 7th April and has been an annual event since 1950. Created to shine awareness on various health issues of concern for the World Health Organisation. The purpose is to focus on global health, worldwide.

Over the years it has brought attention to important areas such as child care, mental health and climate change. Each year drawing attention to a different theme. Once this has been announced people and organisations begin to plan their events and activities.

Many of us have become more familiar with the WHO due to the pandemic we have all been living through for the last 12 months. A time when health and well-being has been front and centre worldwide, like never before. The whole world fighting a common cause. COVID-19 has had a detrimental effect on poverty and health provisions worldwide.


With the development of vaccinations, we can at last start to hope for the future. One that we can rebuild without the constant threat of this disease. The dedication of brilliant minds and the common goal of governments and pharmaceutical companies, has led to speedy manufacturing and what seem to be effective vaccines.


The WHO’s campaign which is a year-long effort to bring people together states – “the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being without distinction of race, religion, political belief, economic or social condition”. 


With the world slowly opening up for business again, caution is key. We still need to be vigilant and stick to government guidelines. We may not be able to travel as freely or participate in everything as we did before for a while longer. Hopefully we can all take some good from this time – a slower pace of life giving more time with loved ones, a new found exercise regime or hobby and not taking things or people for granted. 


Spring has never been so awaited! Green shoots of optimism both metaphorically and visually. 

Hopefully, Easter marks a time when we can once again see our friends and family in our gardens and share good times. Longed for reunions and celebrations. Dust off the BBQ and get the parasol out! Even if the unpredictable UK weather delivers rain, after all we have been through, we can deal with that!

So, here a dipt we will be raising a toast to the future and looking forward to a new normal. We understand that times will still be difficult for some returning to work. The 12th April is a focus for Beauty businesses to open. Dipt has continued to create exceptionally affordable kits to help the best we can. Visit our website for details of the aptly named KEEPING THE FAITH COLLECTION 


Love dipt x